Race Team


Press Release
May 22nd 2013


Mission Statement:

A couple of years ago, I was approached by a father whose son, Brandon, was paralyzed on a professional Motocross event. He asked me if I could build his son a hand-control racing Go-Kart, with the purpose of giving Brandon an outlet for his need for speed. But a funny thing happened along the way: Brandon started winning races! His success and the joy that Kart racing brought him inspired me to do more. And so became Adaptive Kart Racing Inc.

The mission of Adaptive Kart Racing is to bring the exciting sport of Go-Kart racing to people that have lost the use of their legs. Through extensive research and development, AKR has developed a system that not only works for the paraplegic, but has proven to be a race winning as well. The vehicle we will use to attract attention to our project will be a kart racing team, made up of people that have lost the use of their legs. Please see the Race Team page for more information.

Jeff Bacon
President, Adaptive Kart Racing


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